Regional Voices

Connecting regional, rural and metropolitan Australia.

Regional Voices is a weekly radio program offering fresh perspectives on regional Australia, broadcast across the community radio network to listeners in their workshops, offices and tractor cabs. Guests range from high profile industry shapers to rising stars, quirky characters and quiet achievers, exploring topics that regional listeners care about. 

Thought provoking and conversational, Regional Voices is designed to bring listeners back,
week after week. 

This month we're exploring the important topic of Regional Futures.

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What is Regional Voices?
  • A weekly 15 minute radio program exploring topics that matter to regional audiences
  • Picked up by more than 150 stations and reaches 1.592 million listeners
  • Quality content that gives audiences what they want
  • The ideal way to engage customers and prospects while they’re in their workshops, offices, vehicles and tractor cabs listening to the radio
What do advertisers get?
For less than the cost of one full page advertisement buy across a major regional newspaper group, our advertising partners can reach more than 10 times as many people, not just once, but across a whole month.
The unique program format includes:

  • An intro of up to 30 seconds presented by an advertiser spokesperson, to deepen brand connection with the audience and the month’s theme
  • A 12 minute conversational interview with an inspiring personality from rural Australia, produced to independent editorial standards
  • An 8 second sponsorship tag at the end of every interview
  • Opportunity to put forward one guest to be interviewed during the month
  • On top of 1.5 million listeners every week, our strategic social outreach carries the conversation even further
  • Now available to download from iTunes
Upcoming themes
  • Women
  • Finance
  • Older & Bolder
We can help develop themes that suit our advertiser’s strategic goals.

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