Regional Voices

Episode 16 - 20 August 2015

Mitchell Kirby

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  • Who:  Mitchell Kirby - PhD Candidate
  • Date:  20-Aug-2015
  • Link:  Mitchell Kirby
As we delve further into this month’s theme, sustainability, we talk to a young PhD candidate from Southern Cross University in Lismore who is focused on environmental management, waterways in particular.

Mitchell Kirby grew up on a farm in Kempsey, on the Macleay River in northern NSW. The connection to the river is what gave Mitchell his passion for river health and it has carved out his career path ever since. He has worked both here in Australia and overseas in Oman in the middle-east.

Mitchell as recently been awarded one of two bursaries to attend the International River Symposium in Brisbane this year.

In his chat here with Kendi Burness-Cowan he gives us his perspective on the future of our waterways.