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Although we have been “quarantined to barracks” for over ten weeks now, we haven’t truly been living in isolation. To be honest we have actually experienced more insights, been part of more interaction and found more time (outside work) to connect than ever before. As a team we are seeing some amazing changes inside our own agency as well as our client’s businesses.

Simple conversations uncover amazing things that have been happening around the country, and around the world as well. Businesses are taking a leap of faith and landing, surprisingly in one piece and more often than not, better off for the jump.
You, like me, are probably over the buzzword “pivot” but that’s just what has happened, as people, families and businesses are becoming agile, putting on their brave pants and trying new ways, new ideas and making a great go of it – yep they are pivoting.

Many are turning to technology that scared us, just a little, and embracing what it has to offer. For many brands jumping into social and really making a go of it, has paid off handsomely in brand recognition, and engagement. Some have even climbed down from the dizzy heights of glossy mag adverts and put themselves front and centre in the medium that is “always on”. Where feedback, good and bad, is instantaneous and real.

Covid-19 has made people look to people for that personal touch. They want to read good news and be informed. Our client Davey Water has been featuring stories from their Heartland Helpers campaign on their social channels – although the fires were quite a few months ago, sharing stories of courage and resilience is a welcome break from the constant bombardment of Covid-19 coverage. Their audience has responded amazingly to the stories with likes, comments and shares, all contributing to grow their wider brand audience on social.

We are all hungry to learn something new, I for one will not be learning to cook, but some have embraced new hobbies with gusto. Browsing the internet has increased by 70% since late March which means purchasing of goods is on the rise. Not because we always need or want something, but it’s a great way to unwind.

In business, if you want your brand to be seen you have to be where your people are – and that is online right now – in social media and digital advertising where you can retarget and remarket with ease.

It’s a weird and wonderful time. We have been made to stop, look and listen. To change the way we do things, the way we respond, and we are taking a long look at ourselves and our businesses.

If you want to work on your current brand strategy or you’re ready to shake things up a bit, get in touch and we’ll jump in together. [email protected]

Al Jackson