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They may not be earth shattering, but these keyboard shortcuts sure make our working day easier!

Al – Sometimes I need to see what’s happening behind the scenes of a website – I love F12 (inspect page) especially when I need image specs in a hurry. So many hidden gems.

Kendi – Format painter is the best hack for Word! Just a quick swipe with that clever little paintbrush and you can match your font and formatting from any part of your document – incredibly helpful when you cut and paste from different sources. Works in Excel and PowerPoint too!

Sue – I love the airplane mode key on my phone. Means I can switch off internet and all those distracting notifications while I focus.

Alex – I find myself often stuck for a word that is on the tip of my tongue, so thesaurus (Shift F7) is a lifesaver!

Karen – Ctrl A (copy all) changed my life!