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We’ve worked in agribusiness for years, but you’ll usually find us somewhere along the supply chain, with clients who offer products and services to farmers. Recently, though, we’ve gone right to the head of the chain, working directly with a couple of growers from the south coast of NSW.

We’re part of the PRIA Bushfire Alliance, which connects agencies with businesses affected by the horrendous bushfires of early this year. We’re working with Old Mill Road Farm, a small vegetable producer, on a pro bono project to help them improve their brand position and prepare to enter new markets.

We’re loving working with the business’s leaders Fraser Bayley and Kirsti Wilkinson, who sell veggies straight from their farm to customers – the day they are picked is the day they are sold. Kirsti and Fraser are passionate about the intersection of community, ecology and economy and are doing great work on soil health and other really important things that matter right across the supply chain. They’re also involved in mentoring other farmers in the region.

They need some help consolidating their brand and identifying where to focus their business messaging. We’ve been supporting them with strategy and now we’re about to get to work on a new website, a new social approach, some updated visual directions and a revitalised social and POS program. We want to give them some communications tools and a streamlined approach that will help them connect with their market while giving them the space to focus on farming.

We’re excited to see where this project leads and we love helping out a business in a region that was just devastated by the fires – it’s always good to give back.

Kendi Burness-Cowan