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At HC we have a very extensive database of photographer and videographer contacts we’ve built over the last 18 years – from WA to NT, down to SA, across to VIC and up as far as far North Queensland, we have it all covered, usually!

It’s challenging organising shoots half way across the country, not knowing the location and what the people will be like, but years of experience has taught us to ask questions, lots of questions, ask for sample shots of the area and make sure family and pets are all welcome to have a photo – it all contributes to the success of the shoot for us, the photographer and the client. We also know what it takes to get the right shot – from massive wheel loaders, rainwater tanks, crop emergence, livestock, right down to people, big and small!

Just recently it was my mission to source a photographer to take shots at a fairly remote central NSW location for a weekend shoot. All our existing contacts were unavailable so that’s when I scour websites, Facebook pages, Insta accounts to find just the right contact.

It’s a bit of a lottery sometimes, the more remote you get, the more fun the search! On my latest search I ended up with four likely suspects, each showing the location I needed in their Google profile. Of course, I’m thinking no worries surely one out of four will hit the jackpot. The first three were close, in regional Australia terms, but not in city terms – 200 kms each way to travel!

Google is a funny beast, it lures you in, makes you feel like you have found the holy grail, only to find you are NO WAY near where you need to be.

This is where my search took me – I made the fourth and final call to find she is located in Central QLD. Not helpful, but like many small businesses, they are always willing to help out and a few questions later – it turned out she was now doing online photography courses via Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions and one of her students was located right where I needed them. Win! Not only did I end up getting a great up and coming photographer for my shoot – she knew the remote property well, being a local (well within 100kms local), she delivered exactly to the brief and images were in our Dropbox the same day as the shoot.

Our brief is detailed but not creatively inhibitive, we like to work with the photographer to ensure we get what we want and they get to use their skills and show us what they can produce. It’s a great way to work because we know what it takes to get the right shot – there’s no use having a person in the shadows, standing hard up against a 24 tonne tractor – it just won’t work, and they can teach us a thing or two about technique.

In the past we needed to vet photographers, have samples sent – check every little detail – but things are different now, we’re more agile – a look over their Instagram account is usually enough to know they are right or wrong for us. If you need a photoshoot done, no matter the brief, get in touch! [email protected]

Al Jackson