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In today’s fast paced marketing world, it’s sometimes difficult to find the right formula for creating great, impactful content, but did you know that inspiration can be right under your nose?

There are great storytellers in every business and leveraging that resource will mean you have plenty of content to share across all your platforms.

Here are a couple of ideas to get your content humming:

  • Prioritise content for your brand. It’s how you’ll catch and keep the attention of your audience. People don’t listen to ads anymore, but they do read stories.
  • Understand your audience. Research their demographics, digital habits and perceptions and opinions of your brand and others in the industry. As you begin to create content, be sure to measure how many leads each piece generated. With the rise of digital communications and online communities, doing this is easy and fairly cost-effective.
  • Know your channels. Every platform is used differently by different audiences across different brands. For example, Instagram can tell a visual story; Twitter is for quickly broadcasting news and sometimes heated conversations; while Facebook is where you can build a community. When assessing your channels, be sure to include all communications channels your brand owns.
  • Have a content strategy. You can’t be successful in communications without a solid plan. Seek advice and map out your content, PR, marketing and internal communications activities.
  • Gather stories. Put methods and channels in place so employees across your business can submit story ideas or put forward happy customers that would make engaging and interesting content. If these channels already exist, monitor them and thank those contributing.
  • Tell YOUR stories. Source writers who can put together an entertaining editorial while still conveying your commercial messaging. Ones who can plan, write and distribute your content across your channels is a bonus.

At HC we are expert storytellers, strategists, and businesspeople, so get in touch if you want to explore how your content can turn into business – email Sue Hardman [email protected] – or join her at the next virtual Parramatta networking event where she is guest speaker chatting about business storytelling.