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Last October we imagined what we would buy with The Federal Government uncapped instant asset write-off. The HC Team dreamt big and four months later tell where their dreams are up to.

Sue – 19/10/20 - A Tesla. With the wing doors. Renewables is the way to go and the kids reckon it has more cool factor than the current Honda Odyssey Mum taxi.
Yes. I have the Tesla. No wing doors, just the more modest Model 3 but the kids and I are loving it. The kids for the fast take off, and fact you can stream Netflix while parked, and for me, along with my new solar panels it’s about walking the talk of sustainability.

Kendi – 19/10/20 - Individual golf carts for me and my golfing gang, so I never have to share a cart again,  no more zigging and zagging all over the course and no more complaints about my driving!
Well, I didn’t buy carts for all my friends but my wife and I did invest in remote controlled buggies, which are pretty fun. 

Karen – 19/10/20 - A spectacular new tractor to plant and work out 100 acres – one with gadgets, a supercab that is airconditioned and wired…..might just move in.
We’re still looking for an old tractor to work our property now that we have had enough rain to be farming fodder instead of just dust. It won’t be as fancy as above, but……

Al – 19/10/20 – Top of the range Nissan Pathfinder in sea blue. Boring but I’d really like one.
Actually, a base model in red is what I ended up with but I’m happy with that. Red is so flashy too and that works for me!

Alex – 19/10/20 – A spa for my balcony… I can just see myself now relaxing after a long week with a glass of wine and a good book!
I didn’t get a spa, I just don’t think my strata will allow that, but I did get a hammock for Christmas, so I can still relax with a wine and a good book!