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Outsourced support or in-house support, which is better? Many businesses today need skills that they just can’t find within their own team – but that’s not a bad thing! You will always find skills that are lacking but what you choose to do about that gap is the key.

Do you invest in training or putting on extra staff in the hope that you get the right person? Or do you look externally for support from an agency that has those skills and more to offer your business?

When you look at it from a financial standpoint, external support can be far more affordable than hiring a new staff member and all the extra costs that come with it. All the usual headcount expenses (super, holidays benefits) plus ongoing support and training are all things to consider. When choosing an external support option you pay for what you need to get the job done – often very specialised tasks and you can expect to “hit the ground running” fairly quickly.

Time is also a huge factor in why businesses choose to use external support – most just don’t have the time to get everything done themselves – knowing they can handover a project and it is in safe hands while meeting critical deadlines, is invaluable.

As an agency we work on big and small campaigns and the day to day comms needs with our clients. I say “with” because it’s more a partnership we set out to establish than a clear-cut set of tasks we do. Our clients come to us for the experience and expertise that will complement the skills they have within their own teams. We are the experts in what we do, so they don’t need to be!

Some things to consider when looking for external support in your business:-

  • Do they understand and specialise within your industry?
  • Do they have a good track record and can they prove it?
  • Are they easy to talk to and do they listen?
  • Do they get us?

The type of support we offer is very collaborative – we work in sync with our clients and form solid working connections right throughout their business. We get to know their people and look for opportunities to help them grow as well. One of our clients said choosing us was like going for the “designer suit” – they tried the other options but felt this looked much better on them!

If you are thinking about extra support within your business get in touch, we’d love to grab a coffee and chat about what we can offer – [email protected]

Al Jackson