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If this year has taught us anything, it’s that the rules of the game can change in an instant and anything is possible. In life and in business we often stick close to the guardrails that we put in place – to keep us safe, on track and give an illusion of control.  

This year all the conventions and rules got thrown in the air. Some landed back in the same place, some far afield and some are yet to come back to earth.   

So, what opportunity does this create? In an environment where the rules are changing there’s ambiguity, and the things that had you running hard and fast on a steady track get stalled, dry up or turn in a different direction – but this gives oxygen to new ideas and the drive to dream for more.

For more than five years now, I’ve had a yearning to do more in the area of renewables, alternative energy, water, waste, biodiversity and changing climate. It’s been sitting there on the business plan, just a few excel worksheet columns away from the mainstay client work we’re deep in every day. 

As things heat up – figuratively and literally – the time is right. Never before have the industries we work in been more challenged by a changing climate, by seemingly insurmountable levels of waste, sovereignty, degraded land, lack of water and the need to find new technologies and solutions to ensure we can live the kind of lives we want on this planet of finite resource.

So, I’m here to ask:

Do you know anyone in your network who might be looking for a smart and savvy team to work on projects in these critical subject areas?

Water, renewable fuels, energy and waste. Any contacts or ideas you have, no matter how big or small, would be appreciated. I don’t expect a full work slate straight off the bat. Just an introduction, so I can buy them coffee and have a solid discussion about the challenges they face in achieving their goals and how strategic communications will help them move forward.

Please drop me a line. E-intro me. It may go somewhere or nowhere but the conversation will certainly be valued and valuable.

Sue Hardman