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Looking on the bright side, the team gives their pick of the positives and what they have learned from 2020.

Kendi – I love that in 2020 we all stopped pretending we were Work People at work and Home People at home, never the twain to meet. I feel so much closer to my clients now that we can video chat in our hoodies while our dogs stick their noses in the camera and our kids come and go in the background. I am a complete convert to the video call and to acknowledging that we are all real people with real lives.  

Karen – Being there and being real. With the seemingly essential daily grind removed the things that really matter were so much easier to see. Our family and our health and wellbeing came into focus in a great way making so many of us reassess our priorities and find new ways to do things – family and career included, better.

Sue – Now I’m no fashionista but I reckon the high waisted trend came in just in time for the Covid blowout. Lets keep it for another year. 😊

Al  I want to keep the video chat connection going – it keeps us genuine and connects us to our clients in ways we just couldn’t or ever thought possible before. We laugh more, share stories and it’s made us brave – to actually accept who we are, including no makeup!

Alex – I love all the time I’ve had before and after work. I’m so used to a long commute, so having extra time in the morning and night means I can go for a walk, go to the gym or simply relax on the couch before I have to cook dinner. The simple things.