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Catchphrases that have had their day – here are a few of the words and phrases spawned in 2020 that we’re well and truly ready to say goodbye to:

  1. Unprecedented times. Yes, in March 2020 when everything turned upside down, we did find ourselves in unprecedented times. But now? Very, super, extremely precedented…
  2. In the same vein…uncertain times. Technically true, but aren’t we all sick of hearing it?
  3. Pivot. Time to pivot away from this stupid word.
  4. New normal. There is no new normal. Just normal. The normal kind of normal.
  5. Now more than ever. No.
  6. All in it together. I don’t know about you, but right now I am at my house, by myself. It would be truer to say we’re all in it separately.

Which buzzwords are you ready to kick to the kerb? Maybe socialise the question and circle back with your answer so we can all move forward.
Kendi Burness Cowan