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How many times do you find yourself saying things like – I’ll start fresh on Monday. I’ll finish this task once I take this well-deserved break. I’ll get started once I clean up my desk. When this horrible year is over, things will be better.

Our brain creates little timebound humps, on the other side of which things will always be easier or better, more plentiful or we’ll be more ready for the work that is ahead. But these humps are just an illusion we create to give ourselves a mental break and an excuse to delay progress.

Everyone wanted to get over the hump that was 2020 – saying next year would herald better circumstances. But where are we now, in February of 2021? Still in the same spot really. Still in the same pandemic and same economic situation. Some little details may have changed but largely none of what we are experiencing will shift dramatically for, well, who knows how long.

The opportunity is now. We could wait, but we could be waiting forever. There will always be some detail small or large that in our minds will make things more ideal in the future.

So just get started. Stop delaying the program and events to some future more hopeful date with better circumstances and make the moment now. Wherever you are is the right place to start. Whatever knowledge, experience, connections, channels, people, resources or tools you have are what you need. So just jump in. And don’t delay. You’ll be well ahead of all those languishing with their illusionary humps to get over.

If you’d like to get started now, we are here and ready to help.
Sue Hardman