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Having just celebrated International Women’s Day the team explains which wonderful women have left a positive mark on their lives.

Alex: As I write this, the women of our country are protesting in the streets against sexual assault in the workplace. I’m inspired by the likes of Brittany Higgins and Grace Tame, young women who are standing up and using their voice to invoke change in this country.

Al: Women who can lead with integrity, honesty and a wicked sense of humour provide me with inspiration.

Kendi: I’ve learned so many things from so many women, it’s really impossible to choose one example.

Karen: Apart from my wonderful mother Mary, someone who has had a profound effect on me is Gillian Hicks. Gill survived the London bomb blast through sheer will to live, and she has continued leading a life of brilliance. Whenever I feel down at all I ask myself what she would do – and just get on with it! And then there is the amazing Turia Pitt…..

Sue: Some of the best female leaders I have worked for and with, have taught me how: to gain respect, to build relationships, to stand my ground, to value all learning opportunities, to hone my craft, to drive hard when needed, to not give up and to lead with empathy and compassion.