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I love the concept of acceleration. Of making things happen faster and getting to your outcomes quicker.

So, you’d be right in thinking I was pretty delighted when the owner of our coworking space in Parramatta, Peter Doueihi, invited me to join the iAccelerate Facilitator training program. This unique business accelerator and incubator program run by the University of Wollongong (UOW) is coming soon to Peter’s coworking spaces in Western Sydney.

I was really impressed by the iAccelerate program and ethos. It’s a simple and flexible delivery that brings together a community of like-minded entrepreneurs with vision and passion who want to grow their impact through a formal training program, mentoring, networking and support. It’s incredibly exciting to think about replicating such a program for western Sydney in the supportive environment that is Peter’s coworking community of Grounded Space, which our business has called home for almost two years now.

I’m passionate about mentoring and sharing knowledge but even more in this instance, I’m excited by the opportunity of making entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship so much more accessible through a bespoke startup program like this.

Because really, it can be such a tricky space to navigate. Some love the titles ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘start up’ and get drawn in by the buzz, while others shy away from it – going about their business without accessing mentoring and like-minded people.

And what of those intrapreneurs – not running their own company but responsible for innovating within an existing organisation. In business, this need is greater than ever to create the space and time, and exposure to outside thinking and resources, to bring new ideas and processes to bear and help a business grow.

The program is still taking shape, but we’ll update you on when and how you might be able to access it, closer to launch. Or if you are ready to start up – give me a call.

Sue Hardman