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You can’t have a start up without a big idea. The HC team share theirs.

My winning idea was this shower water saving gadget that you stood in and collected shower water before then self-sealing for you to carry it out to the garden. It was strong but lightweight cause we all know that water gets heavy – and it gave a controlled tip via a spout so you could sprinkle it where you needed. I even made up some rudimentary drawings with my engineer Dad on this one a few years ago.

Ah, but then the rain came, the drought broke and I figured no one would care about grey water. Its time will come again though, I am sure of it.    
This idea came to me when I had toddlers, so I have been percolating it for a lot of years. It’s genius, so if you take it on, yes, I do want a cut of your huge profits. The idea? A screw-top toilet brush, where the lid screws into the holder. If you’ve ever seen a toddler wandering around with a nasty toilet brush in their mouth (and they all do it!) you’ll know why this is the Best Big Idea ever. 
A one-stop site – possibly a webpage, to provide clear, easy to find information on buying Australian food. As a shopper and someone trying to be a good citizen, it is hard to identify exactly what is Aussie grown, manufactured, processed and owned. A comprehensive research tool would make decisions easy!   
I have lots of big ideas. Mostly they come to me in the middle of the night BUT I struggle to remember them the next day – so I will get back to you, when I can remember them. 

I wish there was an app (there probably is!) that scans clothes you see people wearing on Instagram. There have been so many times where I’ve seen a picture and thought ‘I really like that dress’ – and have Googled and searched tirelessly trying to find it.