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Nothing beats getting out of the usual environment to find a place to think differently and focus on those urgent but important things we know we should all be working on. Strategic plans, new business development pipelines, getting on top of industry insights and importantly personal growth, goals and plans. You know the stuff… it’s often sitting at the bottom of the priority list.

That place used to be home for many of us. Remember the joy of taking a day to work from home to avoid the commute, escape the interruptions and pull on something comfy to work in the relative peace and quiet of home. But home is now work for many of us and we’ve lost that space and easy change of dynamic.

At a recent PR industry training session I attended, business growth specialist, Chris Savage talked about finding your third space. What a great way to look at it. It’s not home and it’s not work. It’s a third place to find the time and focus – to work on the things that matter to you personally or professionally.

So, I have an offer for you. Why not make our place, your third space? As you know we work from a co-working space in Parramatta and on the last Friday of every month they generously offer free Fridays to come and work in the light filled, coffee fueled comfort of Groundedspace.

Come work alongside the team and I, and if you let us know you are coming, I’d be happy to throw in some free time to help brainstorm and nut through any opportunities or issues you are grappling with, of a business strategy or marketing kind. I’m pretty good as a kind ear too – for those things when life gets tough. So come join us. Change up the dynamic and make it a fabulous Friday!

Sue Hardman