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Have you ever found yourself way down the online rabbit hole with no idea how you got there, watching video after video of weirdly satisfying stuff?

It starts off with a memorising glass blowing video which quickly escalates to precisely cutting foam with a hotwire then over to watching icing drip down the sides of a cake in a controlled rainbow of colour.

Why do we all get caught up? According to leading experts watching oddly satisfying videos causes the release of chemicals in our brains that “make us happy” and help us “feel positive.” And what are these amazing chemicals? Yep good old serotonin and dopamine!

Serotonin lets the brain cells and other nervous system cells talk with each other and controls our mood. Dopamine is “the happy hormone”, interacting with the pleasure and reward centre of our brain and plays a crucial role in how happy we feel 😊.

It’s widely known these types of videos make us relaxed and feel calm. They are, well, mesmerising!

Here are some of my favourites. See if they work for you – and take a closer look at the image above, pretty cool hey!

Al Jackson