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The team explain their go-to superpowers that keep all HC missions on track!


I think my superpower is the ability to join the dots and stitch together opportunities where others can’t see them. Oh, and never give up. I’ll always find another way to do something and not let a roadblock stop me. 


I can always cut to the chase. I’m good at unearthing the simple message that underpins everything else. I’m also known for the occasional reality check. Every workplace needs a devil’s advocate sometimes.


I can spin a lot of plates in the air and juggle the demands of multiple clients. I also love to learn, so if I don’t know what it is or how to do it, I go and find out!


Project management and thinking ahead. I like to have my hands around everything in a project, make sure it’s running on time and everyone knows their deadlines, and that I’m always looking forward, asking myself what could go wrong, are there any barriers or challenges we haven’t thought of? I like to always be one step ahead and well prepared!


The ability to adapt. Flexibility and the attitude of always giving it my best shot – if I don’t know how show me and I will do it next time! I am really motivated by the power of a job done well.