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When not on the job what does the HC team do?

I’m an avid veggie gardener and proud of the 40+ varieties I have in my small urban garden. I love to cycle and walk, listen to podcasts and books, and spend time with my four always-surprising kids.

I love to bake, which is good, because I also like golf but I am hopeless at it, so I bring the snacks.

I like to stay fit so run, cycle, swim – anything that keeps me moving is where you will find me.

At weekends you’ll usually find me walking my dogs, out with friends, and playing soccer. I also love reading, whether that’s a good book, keeping abreast of the latest news, or celebrity gossip and movie trivia (I know, it’s a guilty pleasure).

I live on 100 acres just south of Tamworth, NSW where we breed a few racehorses and have a small herd of Angus cattle. You will usually find me here or chasing my three kids around to multiple activities or sport on any given day.