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We’re excited to invite another great Australian business into the PR client fold here at HC – the Holloway Group. We’re fresh off our first strategy shakedown session and inspired after meeting the business’ movers and shakers over the past week. Holloway Group is finding all sorts of pathways to partner on commercialisation of manufacturing-ready injection moulding products, and redefine possibilities in packaging, manufacturing, engineering and construction.  

The Group operates as a house of brands including innovative products like Geohex and Ausdrain that promote water conservation, water management, green infrastructure and the regeneration of natural systems.

Their innovative Reprolene™ is a proprietary blend of high impact recycled polypropylene, that offers the same structural integrity, weight tolerance and anti-contaminant properties of virgin polypropylene without the same environmental impact. They process over 200,000kgs of Reprolene™ per month at their facility in Western Sydney and use it in more than 30 of their own products plus countless products for their partners.  

This client is more than a manufacturer and more than a seller of products. Holloway Group is ready to make a big impact around sustainability and Australian product manufacture. I encourage you to check out their Bring It Home campaign which really gets you thinking about the true costs of local manufacture – considering lead times, reduced freight costs and eliminating foreign exchange fluctuations.  

We’re excited to work with such a forward-thinking client. So welcome team Holloway! 

If you’re one of our existing clients working in any of these areas, let us introduce you and make the connection. We’re already working on some exciting new announcements so watch this space.   

Sue Hardman