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How is the HC Team staying positive now we are back on the lockdown chain gang?


Lockdown with three teenagers emptying my pantry shelves and sucking the life out of the internet every day with home schooling, is my reality. Luckily my HSC student is one very chilled dude – jumping on the opportunity of mass student vaccination and navigating his ever-warping Timber Major Work project and trial exams with ease and good humour. I’m finding focus and solace in this great playlist This is Ludovico Einaudi. Worth a listen if you enjoy classical. There will be an end to this. I know it. Fingers crossed by Christmas.  


Like everyone, I am pretty sick of this lockdown, and I do a fair bit of complaining about it, but I also know I am incredibly fortunate. My household is halfway to full vaccination, we have a dog and a cat living their best lives with their people at their beck and call, and the golf course is two minutes away and thankfully still open. If we can keep up with everyone’s online shopping addiction without going broke, I think we’ll be okay.


Well here we are … nice to see you again… you look lovely in that gym gear…new…. Oh something you bought last lockdown… have you done something new with your hair…that silver line does become you… oh and that extra length and volume…. very nice… oh who is that in the background…oh it’s your partner…hey (insert wave) how’s things…oh cool… mowed the lawn…again…nice… Next day – like everyone, rinse and repeat but I have turned my desk 45 degrees… next month I plan to shift it another 45 degrees… sooo excited. See ya’s.


Lockdown has not helped with my Gelato Messina addiction, but whatever gets you through right! Living a nice 10-minute walk from my local store is just a bonus, and their lockdown specials (can you say cookie pie and cheesecake ice cream) have been a welcome addition for me and my roommate.


At least we have space here in regional NSW, even in lockdown. And excellent, unlimited internet. Along with amazing teachers to help our kids work online. These things plus the end of both the drought and mice plague, and beautiful sunsets are keeping me motivated at work and in life.