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Western Sydney has always been a big part of HC’s story, because so many of our clients have been based here, and so many of their industries have had their heart here. But now, Western Sydney is even more embedded in who we are and what we do, and we are excited about it!

Here’s just a few opportunities we’ve been able to really drive since we started focusing on this buzzing, growing, ready-to-burst part of town:

  • Working closely with City of Parramatta Council and the local start-up community. Sign up for our next conference and keep an eye out for our series of case studies on start-ups in the region – their stories are simply incredible.
  • Seeing big name clients like CommBank taking big steps in Western Sydney. CommBank has just taken on the naming rights sponsorship of what we used to know as Bankwest Stadium – that’s a huge vote of confidence in the area.
  • We’re also working with clients like the Office of Responsible Gambling, based in Parramatta, and we are really excited to be doing important work with such a fabulous team.

And of course, the state government has just announced the $5 billion Westinvest fund, so there will be even more economy-driving activity in the region.

Are you excited about what’s happening in Western Sydney?

Kendi Burness-Cowan