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Meeting people and expectations, sharing stories, learning new skills in a flexible environment. What is it that the HC Team loves most about their job?


Opportunity everywhere.


I really, really, really love meeting people and finding their story, and then finding the link between that story and whatever my client is trying to achieve. There’s a perfect sweet spot where business goals and storytelling overlap and I love working in that space. 


That every day is not the same, there are deadlines to meet and clients to get great results for. I also love our clients’ industries, there is so much to learn and discover about their products and customers.


That I’m constantly learning, and continually growing from this learning. I think back to three years ago, and there are so many things I would never have been capable of, and now do every day.


Variety – I don’t know exactly what will be thrown to me on any given day. As a Gemini I love flexibility and that is what I get with team HC.  Flexibility of time and variety in tasks. Working on new ideas with a happy crew is great.


The opportunity for growth! The diversity in client portfolio will allow me to learn a broad range of new terminology, technology and skill sets. I have a diverse set of skills across marketing, so will enjoy being able to flex different marketing muscles every day to meet my client’s changing needs while expanding and deepening my skills.