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The Australian Twitter Trends report, recently released by the platform, has found that among the billions of comments and conversations on Twitter, there are six topic themes that stand out – and if you want to create engaging content, you should be working on matching it up with at least a few of those themes. Here they are:

  1. Wellbeing – there’s been 48% growth year-on-year in tweets about mental health, social empathy and self-care.
  2. Content creation – discussions about, by, for and with creators. Tweets from aspiring creators are up 125%
  3. Everyday wonder – topics that express people’s fascination with the world, like spirituality.
  4. Sustainability – there’s a massive upswing in tweets about sustainability, particularly around environmental urgency (66%). Popular topics include farm-to-table, renewable energy and sustainable packaging.
  5. Technology – a 54% increase in tweets about the intersection between tech and life, and emerging conversations around tech ethics, ecommerce and online delivery.
  6. Identity – diversity, inclusion and representation are hot topics, with tweets about representation up 45% and tweets about ‘standing for something’ up 90%

Want to know more about how to leverage these key trends, which hashtags to use and how to align trends with your core goals? Give us a call!

Kendi Burness-Cowan