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International Day of Rural Women was celebrated this month and the theme was “Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All”. We share the rural women who most inspire us.


I am in love with Galah magazine. And I admire the incredibly talented rural woman who brought this piece of Australian cultural journalism to life, writer Annabelle Hickson. The magazine runs no advertising and even has a read version created for Leanne who is blind, called Galah Sessions. It is a true bridge to the city and country divide. I encourage you to check it out https://galahpress.com.


Kath Mazzella is woman on a mission. After surviving gynaecological cancer she was horrified to find that patients, doctors and even official guidelines were not using the correct terminology for women’s anatomy, and ever since she’s been working to change this – and in so doing, save women’s lives.


I don’t have one particular woman I want to celebrate but rather ALL the women that make up our ag industry who fly under the radar going about doing what they do best! From running their own businesses creating opportunities for others to working alongside and within businesses that support and drive the ag industry to be one of the best in the world. It’s these women I draw inspiration from – when the going gets tough, they just get on with it!  


There are just too many women in regional Australia to pick from, but CommBank has done a really great job of shining a light on some of them in their Women in Focus podcast series– Leading Women. From Tanya Van Der Water, CEO, Buckaroo Leatherworks to Mary Hamilton, CEO, Hugh Hamilton Wines, there are some great stories to hear if you want a listen!


At the height of the drought, when the disaster was so close to her heart, and her family’s survival, the incredible Cassandra McLaren (pictured) started the Facebook group One Day Closer to Rain. It became a community and lifeline that helped many of us get through. Currently it has 58K members!


Grace Brennan saw an opportunity to turn passionate hobbies into thriving businesses for rural women across Australia with her Buy from the Bush campaign. Her ingenuity to spot a gap in the market for innovation and the pace she moved at was so inspiring! It was an “eBay moment” for our regional towns and remote communities.