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Have a read about the dreams and some realities for team HC’s upcoming summer holidays.


I feel pent up – so I just want to hit the road and feel the sunshine, travel new roads, walk new paths and see new things. I don’t care where it is I just want to go!


Just before Covid ruined all our travel plans, our family had been on the cusp of booking an incredible holiday to Central and South America. It’s well and truly off the cards for at least a few years now, so while that’s the dream, the reality this year will be staying at home, enjoying a few visits from family we haven’t seen in far too long.


I’ll be trying to do as many little getaways as I can, unwinding at the beach with a good book in hand, and I’m looking forward to heading to the Ashes in Sydney in January – go Australia!


Sounds trite but to end 2021 some “goodwill to all men” would be lovely. Plus, a family holiday, in the sunshine, by the beach, with the freedom to unwind and really relax, without masks or rules to distance us from each other.


I plan to be busy with home renovation projects that will allow us to enjoy our backyard as a family this year. We have an undercover entertaining area being installed before Christmas. Then my clever husband will lay pavers and install our outdoor kitchen ready for epic BBQs with family and friends. I’m also looking forward to the joys and blessings that Christmas brings to a family. My kids (aged 5 and 8 years old) are the perfect age for believing in the magic of Christmas.