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What bad habits does the HC team want to break in 2022?


My guilty pleasure has been scrolling Instagram reels when I get into bed late at night. I’ve heard it called revenge scrolling (the practice of delaying sleep for some life-affirming “me time”) but honestly, it’s a bad habit that has to go. More sleep would be much better me-time for me.


I have millions of bad habits and to be honest, I’m probably not even going to try to break any of them. I’m going to get too little sleep, be late for everything and spend hours on the couch, same as always. I maaaay try to occasionally fill the petrol tank the same day the light comes on.


I’d like to cut down on the amount of TV I watch before bed. I usually find myself up until midnight each night in a binge sesh, and find it really hard to wind down. I need to get back into my reading habit before bed!


Not living in the present enough. Looking to the future is good but, especially after the last two years, I have resolved to enjoy each moment with family & living the dream on our rural property. “Worrying does not take away today’s troubles, it takes away today’s peace” struck a chord with me. And barring sweet treats & Facebook would be a great move.


I need to stop my evening snacking. When the kids are finally in bed, it’s my “me time” and over the years it’s transformed into plonking myself on the lounge watching TV and gorging myself on chocolates, chips, ice cream – anything naughty I can get away with. It’s not good for my health, and my weight has been creeping up. This year, it’s a vice I need to correct. I’m open to any tips you may have?