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If the term 3D digital twin is unfamiliar to you, it won’t be for long. Our client Agronomeye is among a swathe of tech entrepreneurs bringing game-changing capabilities to the ag sector, and we are delighted to be helping them do it.

A 3D digital twin is the pumped up, tech-enabled version of a farm map, which lets you see every part of the property in incredible detail, from fences to water storage to individual trees, and even below the soil surface.

Agronomeye is bringing together this kind of sophisticated mapping and a range of other data sources to give farmers a level of insight they have never had before. They will be able to use the model to help them work out how water runs across their property, to choose the best dam locations, or to show their bank or insurer how their planting programs will utilise the potential of each hectare. It’s all very cool!

And importantly, the data is owned by the landholder, so farmers and property managers can use their own data in their own business, something that has previously been difficult to do on such a granular level.

Last year, HC supported Agronomeye in launching a collaboration with tech giant Microsoft and our national science organisation CSIRO. We helped them get star billing across media, and coordinated with the other business’s comms teams to ensure great outcomes for all players, including some fantastic videography and photography we were able to coordinate with one of our specialist suppliers.

This year, Agronomeye will continue to work with big names in tech, science and agriculture, but we are also helping them build their own profile, digging deep into their brand values and goals.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about this exciting business – but if you can’t wait, check them out right now.

Kendi Burness Cowan