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Launching CommsCall: Professional communications advice you can afford. 

Have you gotten quotes from Marketing or communications agencies only to be floored by their expensive hourly rates? You want to take the plunge, but you’re not quite there yet and are happy to continue DIY-ing most aspects of your marketing efforts and just need some professional guidance? Our newly created CommsCall program is perfect for you! 

Exclusively for Western Sydney start-ups and small businesses we are offering monthly online 1-hour communications group mentoring sessions with small groups (max 10 people) so everyone has a chance to access help and advice. 

Each month, you’ll have a range of experienced and super friendly specialists on hand to give you the right support in an open forum format where you can talk about what you need to know. Get ideas from other businesses and learn the tips and tricks of the trade from the professionals. 

CommsCall gives you the opportunity to pre-submit questions or drafts for feedback each month – or ask on the fly in the session. 

The program is a six-month prepaid subscription you can claim as a business expense.

COMMSCALL IS $99 + GST PER MONTH FOR 6 MONTHS (Total cost: $653.40 inc GST).

Spaces are strictly limited, so don’t delay. Register today before spaces are full.

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