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Digital transformation isn’t a new concept, but over the past few years in particular (thanks Covid!) businesses that have jumped on the digital transformation bandwagon have been the overall winners.  

Why are change-makers so rare? 

Very few people like change. We just bought a new TV and I’m annoyed having to learn where all the buttons are on my new remote. But digital change doesn’t have to be difficult. There’s a mecca of tools out there to help us – and many of them are free, or pretty close to it! 

Benefit from our shortlist 

Many hours can easily be spent researching and investigating solutions. I’ve saved you the time by shortlisting some of my favourite digital transformation tools. I guarantee they will help you digitally transform the marketing efforts of any business – large or small.  

My secret weapons – tried and tested. 

These secret weapons have been personally tried and tested by me, so I know they work. Some of these you may have already heard of, but I am certain there will be some that are new to you. 

The exciting stuff – What problems can be solved with these digital tools? 

I’ve broken the list up into a range of categories to help make it easier to find a starting point. I have a range of tools that can help you: 

  • Build a website
  • Building custom landing pages for dedicated campaigns 
  • Understand what is and isn’t working on your website and help find content ideas that your audience might be interested in 
  • Create surveys, forms and quizzes for market research or even creating streamlined sign up processes 
  • Be more productive by managing or delegating your tasks effectively and having visibility over who is doing what 
  • Design beautiful graphics and eye-catching content without a professional designer 
  • Manage your social media scheduling and analyse how it’s working for you 
  • Manage your office paperwork and files 
  • Maintain your client database by keeping track of your contacts or creating a basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system 
  • Create beautiful email campaigns that will help your keep connected to your clients and reinforce your brand. 

I also threw in a couple of bonuses that don’t really fall under a category, but are pretty cool industry secrets for business leaders and marketing or communications specialists. 

Download Our Favourite DIY tools for Digital Transformation

Rebecca Tucker