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We’ve recently done some work on our values here at HC, and narrowed it down to five we feel really speak to our business and team – curiosity, commitment, tenacity, simplicity and smarts. But what values do each of the HC team embody?


Ever heard the expression “like a dog with bone”? Well that’s me. Tenacious to my core. Never taking no for an answer (well not happily anyway) and always looking to find another way through when I hit a dead end.


Smarts is a value I really identify with. I’m always looking for a different way to solve the problem, tell the story, find the way through. I like to unearth the idea no one else has thought of.


I feel like curiosity has always been at my core, if I’m interested in a subject or topic, I’m always looking it up to dig deeper or learn more.


I am a straight-shooter, and honesty with integrity and a solid work ethic underscore what I do. So, I guess you could say that I always commit to a task, while keeping it simple.


I’ve always been curious by nature. I was that kid that always asked “but why?” When I’m clear on the reason behind a brand, project or an asset I’m developing for a client, I am really good at fine-tuning a solution.