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If there’s one thing that grew in popularity during Covid, it was webinars and virtual events. But now that things are pretty much back to normal, does the webinar still hold have a valid place in our marketing and business efforts?

We reckon a firm yes!

Recently, we supported the Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) with their Meat Business Women virtual event, and one piece of resounding feedback was how great the session was, and how easy it was for everyone to join for an hour and a half online, rather than meeting in person.

People were still able to connect in the chat, and share where they were from, ask questions of the three leading speakers, and share any insights that really stood out for them from the event.

With many of the attendees being regionally based, and from right across the country, it made it easy for them to access an event they might not usually be able to travel to.

At HC, we’ve also been holding a number of events for City of Parramatta, including a recent Speed Networking event for businesswomen across the region. This was an online, one hour session where we separated attendees into breakout rooms for 10 minutes each, before they were moved onto someone else to meet and network with.

Holding this online during the day meant people only had to give up an hour of their time, then get back to work and not have to worry about commuting or losing more time from their work schedule.

So yes, webinars and virtual events definitely still have a place for all of us. But it’s about knowing your audience, and what they want and will work best for them, and what also works best for you to deliver results. A mixture of online and face to face events seems to be the ‘new norm’ for us now, but above all else, ensuring your content and format gives value to your audience is the key.

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Alex Williams