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It’s a long, hard, public-holiday-free slog between June and October for those of us in NSW. While we don’t have an extra day off, we can still daydream about what a new holiday might be.

I reckon we all need a back to nature public holiday. Just like we are expected to shop for a bargain or recover from a food coma on Boxing Day it would be a day to get into nature wherever you can find it…. back garden, bush, ocean – whatever works for you.


It’s gotta be a State of Origin holiday. Three-day weekend after the final – four days if the Blues win!


I think keep it simple. The ACT get Canberra Day, and WA get Western Australia Day, so surely the best state in Australia (sorry everyone else) should get a NSW Day!


With small business including farmers bearing the brunt of the Covid-19 restrictions, and with one of our most basic needs – nourishment – being under threat, perhaps a Food Producers Celebration is well past due. An October date harvest festival sounds good!


I love celebrating birthdays. Seeing as the Queen gets a holiday on her birthday that isn’t her real birthday, I think we should have a national public holiday in honour of everyone’s birthday strategically placed in our public holiday gap period.