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We love referrals at HC. We take pride in the fact we are building a network of raving fans amongst our client base, from ex-staff and clients to industry contacts. So, it makes us feel really good when we get a recommendation for a potential new client we know we can help.

That’s what happened when we recently met with Essity, the business that produces Libra women’s period care products, who were looking for a PR partner to help them promote their newest initiative with a business-to-business focus.

Now, many of you may be thinking – “this is left of field for team HC” – but in actual fact, we’ve been working on PR campaigns for wellbeing and social issues for a number of our clients, that either directly ties to the work they do or to the causes they support in their business.

At its heart this is a strategic communications exercise, and we know what makes a good PR message, and how to get a client noticed in the media, no matter the topic.

The Libra campaign is built off a really important wellbeing and inclusivity message, backed by strong data points and excellent case studies – something any PR professional will tell you is the basis of any great PR campaign. So, we’re excited to jump in, and work with an amazing new client that is doing great things, even if it’s a bit of a pivot for us.

So what have we learnt by just jumping in? Sometimes it pays to back yourself, especially if you’ve been backed by someone recommending you. When we thanked the trusted ex-client she said –

I quite rarely do intro’s now days, but when a good personal friend of mine asked if I knew any quality PR/comms agency’s that could help them out I couldn’t think of anyone better. The Libra work is important and needs a careful touch to ensure the message is clear and gets heard – no-one better for that than the HC team.” 

If you know of any colleagues or businesses looking for a PR or communications partner, let us know – we’d be happy to have a chat with them to see if it’s a fit.

Alex Williams