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Sometimes a client moves on: maybe they added new staff and took the work in house, their budget got cut, or their busy period or event was over, or maybe they even chose a new agency. But for us, having worked with a client means our door will always be open. And that means when they pick up the phone to ask for help, we can turn the support on in an instant. As a client once said: HC is like flicking a light switch – it just works.

Recently, a client we hadn’t worked with since last year made an urgent call for help. She had a critical industry conference to deliver, but was about to head off for her wedding and honeymoon. There just weren’t enough hours to get everything done.

Although this client was handling most of her work in-house these days, we still saw her as a valued client.

And we were able to take a brief, turn around the copy needed and deliver it all in the deadlines set. We also sprinkled in some ideas linked to their strategy and now these tasks are on the work slate, too.

To hear our clients talk about our copy being “spot on” or us being “a safe pair of hands” or “you always get it” or better still “you just get us”, is not some fluke. Yes, it’s about our skills and our deep experience, but more than that, it’s about our care factor.

All relationships are viewed as long term and an investment. When thinking about reaching out don’t let the typical barriers stop you. You might be thinking:

  • It’ll take more time to edit than to write it myself (draft still sits unwritten)
  • This is really my role and I should make it work (it’s about working smarter not harder)
  • It’ll cost too much (but what is the opportunity cost of a missed deadline?)  
  • I’ll brief it to my colleague (they already have their own workload to manage, draft sits unwritten)
  • I’ll have to give them direct access to my customer, boss, colleague (we’re trustworthy)

So, if you have something that needs specific focus with a tight turnaround, our door is always open.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Sue Hardman