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One of the sessions I was lucky enough to attend at this year’s PRIA Conference focused on ‘Impact storytelling: how evidence of impact is changing comms.’

We heard from a panel of experts on how we, as communicators, need to look beyond growth metrics and engagement to measure social impact of the business. We know consumers are becoming more conscious around what brands they purchase or businesses they work with, so how do we demonstrate through communications that a brand is making a difference?

The panel shared three ways we can improve our content to help show ‘evidence-based outcomes’ – whether that be in earned or owned media.

1. Be authentic – honesty and transparency is key

Consumers are smart. They know if what you’re saying to them doesn’t align with your brand, so be genuine, and real.

2. Evoke emotion

We want to feel emotionally connected to a brand, try and connect with your audience through emotional storytelling.

3. Use real voices – people telling their own stories

People want to hear from those who have had real life experiences with your brand – whether that is a product that’s made their life simpler, or a tool that’s helped improve your businesses productivity.

And lastly, one comment that made an impact on all the attendees there – ‘data proves, but stories move’ – stories evoke emotions in us all, and can show the real impact a business is having. We need to make sure businesses and brands have strong, and real stories to tell, to ultimately make an impact with their consumers.

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