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We’ve been lucky enough to have a communications/PR intern from WSU join us these past few months. Find out more about Henna and what she has enjoyed most at HC.

Henna is studying a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Public Relations at Western Sydney University, and hopes to one day work in the public sector, as she is passionate about improving social issues and creating a positive impact in society.

Why Hardman Communications?

I really wanted to get out of my own comfort zone, even though I have no experience across HC’s core industries in construction and agriculture. I applied for the internship role to be able to learn about the different industries and clients that the team works with.

What’s the thing you have enjoyed most during your internship so far?

100% the client meetings. I have been lucky enough to join in with different client meetings every week, and get to experience how there are different strategic approaches and needs for each client.

What do you do outside of uni?

Working here is a tremendous change for me! I was in the entertainment/ pageantry industry for six years and a producer at a local radio station, so I like to call myself a music enthusiast. I enjoy working in different fields as I believe I am adaptable… (slowly, but surely!) I’m also a passionate advocate for mental health and love learning more about astrology.

What is the best or most important thing/s you’ve learnt during the internship?

Three key points, stay with me!

  • Retainers in a PR agency, this is definitely something I haven’t touched on at uni, and it was interesting to learn how different models can suit different client needs, depending on the size and scope of work.
  • Another one is relationships. HC is a brilliant example of presenting how important external and internal relationships are in PR. The team has showed me how crucial it is to develop a relationship with clients and the people you work with.
  • Lastly, and most importantly is always come back to knowing your target audience. Try and think about HOW they are feeling, and WHAT they want to hear when drafting your communications.

Altogether, it’s never the same routine. I learn something new every time I come in. Thanks HC!