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Team HC shares how we use our extra hours of sunshine. Some healthy habits include walks with the family, golf, playing tennis and gardening. And playing with foals and puppies….


I love how daylight savings truly makes you feel like there are actually more hours in the day – and who doesn’t want more hours to fit in more gardening, walking the neighbourhood, and let’s face it … getting washing dry. 😊


I love that you can fit in a round of golf after work or fire up the barbie on a weeknight. I also just love the buzz of the neighbourhood – the sound of lawnmowers, people out with their dogs, drinks with the neighbours.  


That extra hour of daylight means I can sit on my balcony and eat dinner, after being cooped up working inside all day. It’s especially nice when the sun is shining, and La Niña isn’t raising her ugly head!


Even working from home on our property the extra daytime after work hours gives a feeling of leisure. Time to enjoy the new life on our farm, while not hurrying to feed the animals and tend the garden. Training hours for the kids’ sports are in balmy daylight, not the cold of the winter months. I did curse daylight savings when rising at 4:30am to train racehorses, but with no need for such early starts it is now viewed as a lifestyle positive.


I’m loving the extra hour of sunshine to encourage healthy habits with the kids and for myself. We recently got a new puppy (Dusty) who is enjoying an evening walk each night after dinner (or while dinner is being cooked by my husband in some cases). It’s also a great excuse to get the kids off their devices and let them take some responsibility for our family pet.


One of my favourite things about daylight savings is going for evening strolls with my family. Gone are the days of getting home from a long day in complete darkness and bunkering indoors. Now we can go for a nice walk after dinner with the kids, which helps them decompress and feel grounded before bedtime. Another bonus for me is playing tennis in the evenings without being blinded by the super bright court lights!