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A good chunk of our clients are in the ag industry, so it’s no surprise the HC team were excited about National Agriculture Day (aka AgDay), which was celebrated on Friday, 18 November this year.

We are lucky to live in a country that grows world class food and fibre and AgDay celebrates our incredible farm sector that is a part of our lives every single day.

There were plenty of activities across the country on AgDay, from activations in the CBD educating people about our food and fibre, to local BBQ’s celebrating those in the regions.

One of the AgDay initiatives we loved to see this year is a program called Kids to Farms that aims to increase awareness in NSW primary school students about where our food and fibre comes from, and gives teachers and students opportunities to have hands-on educational interactions with farmers across NSW.

In fact, the Australian Government has partnered with NSW Farmers to bring the Kids to Farms: 2 by 12 initiative to have each child in NSW receive two educational interactions with the agriculture industry by the time they are 12. This has proven to give children a better understanding about the importance of the industry and the opportunities within it.

You can read more about Kids to Farms here

Kids to Farms also brought back their annual colouring in competition for the kids, where the winners receive a wonderful Garden Starter Kit, very generously donated by Bunnings.

At HC we love to see the younger generation being informed and inspired by the agricultural and farming industry. Farmers are doing it tough these days but we know they are resilient, and we have every confidence that AgDay and programs like Kids to Farms will help shape the future generation of farming and agriculture workers.

Shereen Cherrett