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This NO-vember what are our team saying no to? Or, more importantly, what are the positive things that we are planning to embrace?


I’m saying no to second guessing. Just trust my gut and do it.
(Should my answer have been longer?  – my gut says no). 


I am saying no to saying no. It’s so easy to default to the negative and I am definitely guilty of it – but life’s short. If I can say yes, I will.


I’m saying no to procrastination. My personal to do list has just sat in my notes app in my phone for months, so I’m trying to tick one thing off my list once a week. Get that blood test? Tick. Book my taxes in? Also tick!


NO to not being kind this NO-vember. We should all be able to choose just to disagree and discuss our differences, and work on mutual understanding. I say NO to rudeness and yes to kindness, caring for others and positive energy.


My NO-vember promise is to say no to over committing myself. Parents everywhere understand that our kids benefit from activities like sports, playdates, volunteering, etc, but it also makes for a chaotic home life. I’m going to reinforce to my kids that we need to prioritise and find balance. Rest is important to allow us all to recover and be the best versions of ourselves.


This NO-vember I am saying no to Christmas stress. Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. I am trying to be super prepared to eliminate any stress the festive season may bring. I have already bought lots of presents, planned the lunch menu, and started preparing the house for guests. When I think of something that needs to be done, I do it or write it down, to hopefully eliminate the ‘mad dash to the finish line’ and enjoy the festivities.