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Most of us work hybrid now – a few days in the office and a few at home, but where else does team HC like to work? Read more about our ‘third space’.


There’s something about working “on the go” that really energises me. It might be on a plane, bus or train, standing in a coffee line or yes I hate to say, even dictated emails and note taking while on my morning walk. There’s something about the movement and the idea of using otherwise wasted time, that sweeps me up in the flow, helps me get laser focused and get things done.


I’ve been loving the opportunity to work in lots of different places, thanks to our super flexible model. Lately, I’ve worked from my mum’s house and my sister’s house, both in South Australia, my couch, my office, our HC shared office, a bunch of different hotels and on the occasional nice day, outside next to my pool.


I used the time in January to have a working holiday – I was going to be working from home anyway so might as well work somewhere with a view. One week on the Sunshine Coast in a beachside apartment with ocean views – so good for the soul, I still think about it now!


Most work happens for me in my home office, in our home on our 100 acre farm. But some phone calls and restorative time is best conducted in the stables, with privacy permeated by the peace and smell of the country.


My favourite space to work in is our brand new office at Level 49, 8 Parramatta Square – a modern and fun co-working space with breathtaking 360 degree views of Sydney. It’s been a relief to have this space to escape the construction noise at my house while we undergo renovations.