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Kylie Jones believes every kid deserves a quality education regardless of their postcode, and so do we, which is why we’ve offered to help Kylie raise the profile of her NFP organisation, RAISEducation, which is bringing support to parents and governesses in remote communities throughout Australia.

Sue met Kylie in Darwin when she was there to pass on her title of 2022 AgriFutures NT Rural Woman of the Year to the 2023 winner. Over a beer after the event on a humid night Sue was captivated by Kylie’s brave pioneering, her passion for education, and for supporting the people who help deliver it. It is infectious, so we decided to help her tell her story to attract the financial backing she needs to build on this incredible initiative.

Kylie’s story

Kylie worked for a number of years as a classroom teacher before taking a role as a governess on a remote cattle station. There, she realised that the mums, dads and staff who help kids with their distance learning have very little support, and she wanted to change that, to help those kids achieve their potential.

So she jumped in her car and started travelling the Top End, clocking up thousands of kilometres and working with dozens of families, creating individualised learning plans for the kids and providing support to the mums, dads and governesses who help them with their distance education schooling.

From this came RAISEducation, and Kylie is now focused on expanding its services to give even more country kids the chance they deserve to flourish, through a love of learning, quality resources, and the support of grownups who have the skills to help them reach their potential.

Our support

We’ve been working with Kylie to refine her messaging and understand her audiences – parents, communities, supporters, industry and others. And we’ve been helping her build key assets to support her as she grows her program and looks for donors and partners. So far, we’ve helped her evolve her website messaging and her partner prospectus. Plus we’re cheerleading – cause everyone needs a cheerleader.

We are absolutely loving working with Kylie – she’s incredibly driven and committed to making real change, and it’s impossible not to be excited by what she is working towards.

If you’re interested to learn more about what Kylie is doing – this article is an excerpt from a story in the current issue of Outback Magazine.

To learn more about RAISEducation – or to find out how you can support Kylie in her important work – take a look at her website.

Kendi Burness-Cowan