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Is there an animal that embodies the spirit of each of the team at HC? From the loyal to the sleek, the quick to the hard-working team players, feline to equine, which creatures align with our characteristics?

Sue – I reckon I’m a sheep dog. Loyal, mustering around the edges and keeping the pack moving in the right direction. Someone suggested I might also have a note of Meerkat– popping my head up to see what’s going on and not miss a beat.

Kendi – Cat. Without question. I won’t like today what I liked yesterday. I’ll take affection on my own terms, thanks. And watch out, small creatures. I’m quick and ruthless. Now, time for a nap.

Alex – When we were discussing this in the office – everyone was stumped on what animal I’m like! We landed on an ant – hardworking, team player and just gets in and gets the job done, no matter what hill they have to climb.

Shereen – Panther. Mainly due to my sleek dark hair and preference to always wear black.

Karen – With a lifetime spent around horses, my understanding of equines is probably better than that of humans. I am definitely not a thoroughbred, more like a sturdy, crossbred workhorse. Strong, honest and game, but intelligent enough that my loyalty should not be taken for granted.