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Agronomeye has had some great news to tell lately, and it’s been so rewarding to help them tell it.

They’ve recently announced a new partnership that will allow every Tasmanian farmer to access a digital twin (AgTwin) of their property. You can read more about what that means – but in short, it’s a very exciting tech solution that delivers insights on infrastructure, water, biodiversity, and carbon to support land sustainability while also giving data based validation and extremely rigorous reporting to meet the needs of the supply chain. It is the first time an entire state has been given access to this kind of technology, which lets farmers see their property in an entirely new way. 

The announcement is a pretty amazing proof point showing how far Agronomeye have come from the start-up we first worked with in late 2021 after the team came to us by referral. Just last week they were superstars of the scale up stand at evokeAg – and how nice for coverage to be hitting right when the focus was on them!

Of course, a strong news story is always critical to getting strong coverage, but that’s just the starting point.

The team at Agronomeye, including our key contact and Agronomeye’s marketing lead Lily Swift, were open to ideas about how to support the news opportunity, and that kind of partnership approach makes all the difference. Together, we organised photo shoots and videography so we could package materials for TV; and there was detailed coordination with multiple partners and a busy Minister who attended the photo shoot and provided comment in the media release.

On top of this, there was a determined pitching effort to get journos on the hook, and then keep them on the hook even when a surprise election date announcement for Tas threatened to steal some focus.

We were fortunate to have a very capable and willing spokesperson in CEO and founder Stu Adam, who said yes to interviews with short notice and made the time for deeper interview connections and ongoing engagement to build relationships. 

Every single action plays a part and we’re so glad when we can help a client achieve their well-deserved time in the spotlight.  

If you’d like to talk about how we can turn your great stories into great media coverage, get in touch – [email protected].