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Obsession confession time! From the guilty pleasure to the virtuous pursuit of good health, here’s what Team HC are obsessing about (today).

Sue – I can feel the judgement already … but I’m obsessed with MAFS. A bit of a guilty pleasure. It’s the observing humanity for me, in all its best and worst forms. I record it and watch it on playback – fast forwarding 32x through much of the repetition while reading all the comments on Instagram to sense the public reaction. Social research at its best … or worst depending on how you look at it. 

Kendi – I am obsessed with trying to be able to do the splits. And when I say obsessed, I don’t mean in the working hard, practising, getting better each day kind of way. I mean in the watching lots of videos, reading tips and not really actually getting much better at all kind of way.

Alex – I didn’t think I was too obsessed, but according to the rest of the HC team, knowing what brand of lipstick Taylor Swift uses borders on an obsession. Yes, I was one of the Swifties who went to the Eras Tour and consumed everything I could about Taylor and her music in the lead up, and no, I have no regrets.

Shereen – I am obsessed with the series Yellowstone, and its two prequels: 1883 and 1923. All three series are phenomenal and Beth Dutton (followed closely by Elsa Dutton) has been one of the best characters I’ve ever seen on screen. The history, the cinematography, the feelings the show evokes, I think about it every single day (it’s my Roman Empire, clearly) and will tell anyone who will listen to watch them and then immediately talk to me about them. 

Karen – Currently I am obsessed with being healthy and setting a good example for my kids. Trying to ensure that we all get enough fresh air and exercise away from screens – sounds simple on 100 acres but not always so. And eating well when your preferred treats are a good red & anything sweet or chocolate….