“They do what they do really well and work hard to make us feel like a true business partner.”

Smoke Alarms Australia

Across Australia there are millions of properties with smoke alarms, and many people, especially landlords, want to outsource alarm inspection. Smoke Alarms Australia is leading compliance subscription services, making sure that alarms work as intended and meet complex compliance regulations.

It’s an important job but it’s a crowded market and not every competitor gets it right. We’ve partnered with Smoke Alarms Australia to revitalise their brand strategy and simplify their message so it’s easy for Real Estate Agents, landlords and tenants to understand what they are getting and why they need it.

We have worked on refreshing their full range of collateral, conducted multiple shoots to create a new and exciting brand photo library, provided internal and external communications via digital channels, help create a major statewide acquisition campaign, planned a new website and brainstormed ways to engage their customers.

There is a lot of energy between SAA and HC. We love the creative and strategic elements the partnership brings. It’s always exciting when you can see a brand’s potential and you get to walk that road with them.

Smoke Alarms Australia

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