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At 21 we’ve learned a lot about who we are, settled into knowing what work we love to do, refined what we are best at, and know which clients are the best match for us. It’s a real sweet spot to operate from.

We marked the milestone with a great night, joined by current and past clients and staff, trusted supplier partners, industry contacts and family and friends who’ve faithfully supported us to do what we love. 

We chose to host our party near HC’s HQ in Parramatta, in the heart of Western Sydney – and we were pleased to shine a light on the incredible transformation taking place here. There were so many comments of “Wow, I haven’t been to Parramatta in so long, and now look at this place!”

Maintaining momentum

When you start a brand, you commit to bringing an energy to something – and that energy has been fuelled by the talent and dedication of the team working in the business over those years. A few of our past staff were able to join Kendi, Alex, Shereen and I at the event, and it was wonderful to have Belinda, Elise, Al, Anne, and Lynn there.

Twenty-one is a real coming of age but we have always known what we stand for and what our value is, even though building the agency over those years has been a bit “let’s make it up as we go along”.

You see, I started the business from the upstairs of my home with a one-year-old at my feet, having never actually worked in an agency before. It’s meant we’ve been unconstrained by the way things ‘should’ be done. 

Clients and community

The biggest thing I felt on the night other than pride and gratitude was the enormous presence of the community we have built around our brand showing up for us. We all need to keep showing up for each other and being the cheerleaders on the sideline that give us the bit of stretch we need to keep reaching for our goals.

To our clients, past and present, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude. We are only here because of you. You could choose to do business elsewhere and yet you choose us, and that fact is not lost on us. 

So now we look forward to the future, driving us to new stretch goals with the same passion and energy, but perhaps a little more wisdom and groundedness that comes with 21 years.

Sue Hardman