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Here are some of the funny things outside of our usual comfort zones that the team at HC have had to do but didn’t really sign up for!

Kendi – Handing over all my jewellery – my diamond earrings, my engagement ring, wedding ring, my watch – so they didn’t accidentally end up inside a chicken at a poultry processing facility.

Sue – To comply with biosecurity when entering a client’s facility, I had to take a full shower including washing my hair with special wash (too bad I had already washed, blow dried and made up my face an hour earlier at the hotel) and then donned boots, body suit and hair net. So attractive. Not!

Alex – The day I had to chaperone Santa at the Coogee Carols, following him from the local fire station so as to not ruin the surprise for all the kids. Santa went AWOL for ten minutes and oh the stress – trying to track him down!

Karen – When the Bendigo Harness Racing Club, where I was a part-time admin assistant, needed a cashier on the gate I was enlisted. It was actually good fun – like running my own shop for a few hours. My small boys would fight over who could come as my ‘assistant’ – the patrons loved buying racebooks from them!

Shereen – In my teens I had a house party which, as cliché as it is, got trashed. What started off as a small gathering of 20 people, ended up being over 100. Someone smeared vegemite all through the fridge and a kind stranger stole all my dance music CD’s but frisbeed all the other genres into the garden. Many things were broken and stolen, and then I had the fun job of telling my parents and paying them back for the damage. Not what I signed up for, but still an epic party that was talked about for years.