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How do Team HC plan to get over the winter slump and reinvigorate ourselves for the second half of the year? Here we share our winter blues beating tactics and where we are planning to get the energy to power through 2023.

Kendi – I’m leaning into winter, doing plenty of slobbing around the house in my giant oodie, showing up to friends’ houses in my trackies and uggies and just generally getting as close to hibernation as possible without actually being unconscious. This obviously applies only to out-of-work hours…. except for the uggies.

Sue – They say spring gardens are made in winter so I’m getting great joy from planning and planting and caring for seedlings and bulbs in my flower beds at home. I hope all the hard work will reward me with a magic burst of colour and perfume come springtime.

Alex – I’m going to try and do more ‘me time’ this second half of the year, solo brunches at my local café with a good book, get that massage I always talk about, make sure I get my hair cut more regularly – anything to give me a bit of a pep in my step in the colder months!

Karen – One thing my mother always used to say was “once we are past the shortest day of the year, we are heading back the right way again.”  With the winter solstice passing, we are heading back to summer now!

Shereen – I’m escaping the cold weather and stress of a home renovation by going on a family holiday to Hawaii. Two weeks of sipping cocktails in the sun will be just what the doctor ordered and sure to invigorate me for the second half of 2023.